Why a Root Canal Is Nothing to Fear

Did you know a root canal is actually a good thing? It’s a procedure your dental professional uses to save your natural teeth. This is always preferable to having a tooth extracted and then replaced. It’s less costly, too. When your endodontist performs a root canal, they alleviate the terrible pain that may be caused by toothache and gum abscess. Perhaps even better, this simple procedure can prevent your tooth from becoming infected a second time. Talk to your dentist in Houston, TX, if you have questions regarding your upcoming root canal.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Before your root canal, your endodontist will numb your gums, so you don’t feel any pain. Once the anesthesia begins to work, they’ll drill down through the top of your tooth and remove the infected pulp. They’ll thoroughly clean and sanitize the pulp chamber and the tiny root canals that lead down into the gums. They may also apply an antibiotic to help kill any germs left behind.

Next, they’ll fill the root canals and the pulp chamber with a dental compound that effectively seals them off. Last, they’ll seal the hole they made in your tooth and cap it with a crown for added stability. At this point, all the infection will be gone, and you’ll be left with a strong, healthy tooth.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

A root canal is not painful because your gums are numb and because your endodontist will usually apply a topical numbing agent before injecting the local anesthesia. You may experience a bit of mild discomfort afterward, but over-the-counter pain medications are usually sufficient for easing any lingering ache after your root canal.

Root Canal Therapy in Houston, TX

If you’re worried about your upcoming root canal in Houston, TX, talk with your dentist. The friendly professionals at Restore Dental at Montrose are always happy to sit down with patients to address any concerns they may have regarding upcoming dental procedures. And root canals are one of our specialities. There really is nothing to fear and everything to gain by scheduling a root canal. Learn more today when you book an appointment with Restore Dental at Montrose.


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