How Effective Is Gum Therapy?

Smoking, diet, medications, and chronic illnesses can all lead to changes in the health of your gums. If you’ve been having issues, whether it’s pain, bleeding, or difficulty chewing, it’s important to know what kinds of treatments are available. If you’ve heard of gum therapy in Houston, TX, we’ll look at what you can expect and whether it’s effective.

What Is Gum Therapy?

Gum therapy refers to procedures that extend the life and health of your gums. At Restore Dental at Montrose, our staff uses laser gum therapy as a way to combat or treat gum disease. This state-of-the-art technology can remove damaged tissues and eliminate any infection that may be lingering at the root of the tooth.

Laser gum therapy works by using a small amount of laser light energy to heat up the tissue of the gums. The dentist uses special glasses to protect their eyes from the light and treats each section of the mouth according to its relative health. Because diseased tissue will be darker than healthy tissue, the laser light can detect problem areas based on color. This procedure is less invasive than the standard scaling and planing procedures which can lead to longer recovery periods.

Does Gum Therapy Work?

It’s clear that gum therapy can stop the progression of gum disease by targeting the core of the problem. If you choose laser gum therapy, you can essentially evaporate problem tissues and then cauterize the area simultaneously. There’s no bleeding, faster healing, and virtually no discomfort on the patient’s side. No matter what type of treatment you seek, all gum therapy has some degree of effectiveness, including the traditional methods of yore. However, if you have access to a minimally invasive procedure like laser gum therapy, we highly recommend taking advantage of it.

Gum Therapy in Houston

If you’re looking for a dentist in Houston, TX, that can treat your gums, Restore Dental at Montrose has the tools and technology to help you stave off larger problems in the future. While the majority of gum therapy is cleaning your gums and removing infection, there are more advanced cases that may require surgery. If you want to prevent the advancement of infection, make an appointment for gum therapy today.

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