Dental Bonds Vs. Composite Veneers: What’s the Difference?

Composite veneers and dental bonds in Montrose use the same material, so it would be easy to confuse the two procedures. While both will help you improve your smile, the two vary in terms of the details. If you’re interested in either treatment, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each so you have a better idea of where to go next.

Bonds Vs. Veneers

Bonding is made with composite resin, and it’s used to fill in the gaps of your teeth. So if you have small teeth or a lot of spacing between your teeth, a dentist might use dental bonds to cover up the flaws. Dental bonds essentially help you create a straighter smile thanks to a special material that’s strong enough to stand up to chewing and biting.

Composite veneers use the same materials, but the shape is different. Unlike bonding, veneers are a type of shell that will only go on the front of the teeth. Composite veneers can give your teeth more support, but most of the time, they’re used to cover up cracks or chips in the front teeth only.

Which Is Better?

Some people will choose resin bonding because it can be done in a single visit, whereas veneers will take at least two (if not more). Veneers are made in a lab off premises, while bonding is placed directly on the teeth in the office. In general, composite is often used for kids because they’re excellent for fixing teeth that have been broken by playing sports or roughhousing.

The biggest thing that you should know about bonding and veneers in Houston, TX has more to do with durability. Resin will last up to 10 years, and that’s whether you use it for bonding or veneers. Porcelain can last up to 20 years, which is why it’s important to talk to your dentist about your expectations for the treatment.

Dentists in Houston

If you’re looking for best dentists in Houston, TX, Restore Dental in the Montrose area can help. Whether you have questions about the best treatment for you, and once you make a decision, we’ll ensure that your smile is as vibrant, attractive, and strong as it can be.

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