Why You Should Never Extract a Tooth at Home

Whether it’s an adult or a child, you should never extract a tooth at home, as yourdentist in Houston, TX, will tell you. There’s a reason why your dentist offers professional tooth extraction. Doing it any other way—including tying a string to a door—is potentially more harmful than you may realize. Here are all the reasons why, no matter how loose the tooth may be, you should never attempt to extract a tooth without a dentist.

Real Risk of Infection

Often, the reason that a tooth is loose to begin with is that the tooth is infected. This isn’t the case with children, but it’s usually the case with adults. When you try to extract a tooth at home, there’s a real risk that you’ll end up spreading the infection. In that case, there will be more loose teeth in the future because the infection was spread to other teeth.


The pain of a toothache is nothing compared to the potential pain and discomfort you’ll be subjecting yourself to if you try to extract a tooth at home. Dentists often use local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth, reducing pain and discomfort during the procedure. At home, the lack of proper anesthesia can result in unbearable pain and an unpleasant overall experience.

Incomplete Extraction

Like an iceberg, there is more to a tooth than what you can see on the surface. There’s a high chance that you won’t get all of the teeth out, even if you manage to do it at all. This scenario can lead to ongoing pain, infection, and further dental issues. A dentist ensures that the entire tooth, including the root, is removed safely.

Risk of Complications

Your dentist sees a lot of people during the year who come in with a tooth that has been partially extracted. This highlights the fact that there is the potential for complications. If you just come in for a professionaldentist’s tooth extraction in Houston, TX, these complications can be avoided.

Finally, the tooth may be saved. Do you or a loved one have a loose tooth that may need to be extracted? Don’t try this at home! Contact us today to book your appointment.