Smile Brighter! 4 Myths About Teeth Whitening

Have you been considering teeth whitening in Houston, TX but have a few concerns? Before you pass on getting your smile brightened so you can smile more confidently, make sure you don’t let a few common myths stand in the way. While cosmetic teeth whitening is a common procedure in modern dentistry, a handful of untruths are also common. We’ve compiled a collection of some of the biggest teeth-whitening myths below.

Myth: Teeth whitening breaks down the enamel of your teeth.

Teeth whitening is not damaging to tooth enamel when the procedure is done with the right agents. One major reason to only have your teeth whitened by a dentist is you can rest assured that only approved bleaching agents will be used and they will be used correctly.

Myth: Older adults should not have their teeth whitened.

People of all ages can have their teeth whitened and have a satisfactory experience. This myth often stems from older patients that have been told they are not a good candidate for teeth whitening because of oral health problems. For example, some older individuals may have weakened enamel, in which case whitening would not be recommended. Your oral health is the primary determining factor of whether or not you can have your teeth whitened.

Myth: Whitening your teeth only lasts a few weeks.

Teeth whitening procedures can drastically whiten your smile, and those results can be long-lasting. Patient experiences do vary, but you can fully expect the results of dental whitening to last for several months or even years.

Myth: Whitening agents damage your gums.

When you have your teeth whitened in the office by the dentist, protective barriers are used to keep the whitening agent only on your teeth. Therefore, if any of the whitening compounds get to your gums, it is only a very small amount. Even then, the impact on your gum tissue is exceptionally minimal and most people do not have any issues.

Talk to a Qualified Houston, TX Dentist

Teeth whitening can be an exceptional change when you trust the right dentist in Houston, TX for the treatment. You can walk into the office for your appointment and walk away with a brighter smile. Reach out to the team at Restore Dental Montrose to schedule your appointment.